3 Easy Steps 

1. Make a Pippa account with us. Welcome to the club!

2. Find your Pippa RSS feed and copy it. 

  • If you already imported your show, your RSS feed is listed on your show page.
  • If you haven't imported yet, do so now by clicking New Show and following the prompts. In the process we will tell you your new Pippa RSS feed.   
  • Your Pippa RSS feed will look something like: https://feed.pippa.io/public/shows/mypodcast

3. Send an email to support@buzzsprout.com asking them to redirect to your         Pippa feed, the one you found in step 2. 

  • Important Note: We recommend that you keep your account with Buzzsprout for   2 weeks after redirecting to Pippa to ensure that everything moves over smoothly. After that you can cancel your service.

Checking if your redirect worked:

  • Open your web browser, enter your old RSS feed URL, and hit enter. If the redirect is working, you will automatically be taken to your new feed URL at feed.pippa.io.
  • If it doesn't work right away, don't be alarmed. Wait ten minutes, clear your browser cache (or open in incognito/private mode) and try again. If the problem continues, please email us.

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