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What does Pippa do?

Pippa is a podcast hosting and analytics service which powers a podcast ad marketplace. Every podcast needs hosting to deliver the RSS feeds and MP3 audio files to listeners. Pippa provides this hosting (for free!) and gives podcasters the analytics to understand their audience better.

I already have a podcast. Can I move it to Pippa?

Yes! It's really easy to migrate your feed and files to Pippa. Simply plug in your RSS feed URL, and we'll move everything over to our robust servers. Here's a detailed step-by-step guide to switching from Libsyn.

Coming soon: import your show statistics from Libsyn too!

If I switch my podcast to Pippa, will I keep my subscribers?

Yes! Our smart import function pulls in all your episodes, all your show notes and all your subscribers too. We make sure that switching to Pippa is totally seamless and your listeners are always connected to your feed.

Do listeners need to download a special app?

Nope. Pippa works wherever there are ears and RSS feeds. Podcasts which are hosted with Pippa will play on all major podcast players (like iTunes, Overcast, Pocketcasts etc.). Your listeners don't need to do anything different to hear your show.

What's an RSS feed?

An RSS feed is a kind of file which contains information about a podcast and the episodes of that podcast and the location where the podcast audio files are stored. RSS feeds can be updated by their owners to incorporate new details—like a new episode, or a new image for the show. Podcast players (like iTunes, Overcast, Pocketcasts etc.) 'read' these RSS feeds and play the episode audio files.

How is it free?

Pippa is a startup dedicated to making podcasting simpler and more profitable for content creators. In a few months we will launch our ad marketplace, which will allow podcasters to sell ad spots to advertisers, if they choose. At that time, Pippa will take a percentage of the ad revenue.

For our earliest users, we are offering free hosting and analytics. This is a special promotion to thank our early adopters, and we intend to charge for these services in future. We are committed to providing free hosting and analytics to our earliest content creators for the lifetime of their podcasts, whether or not they choose to sell ads on our marketplace.

How can I put my podcast on my blog or website?

Pippa has a simple and elegant audio player which can be embedded on any site. Here's an explanation of how to embed a player on your WordPress site.

What if I want to leave Pippa?

We'll be sad to see you go! But in the event that you wish to leave—for any reason—we will help you switch to a new host and will implement redirects promptly.

Can I get direct links to MP3 files?

Yes, we provide links to the MP3 files directly, as well an an embeddable player for your blog or website.

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