We all know that Pippa + Acast is podcast harmony! But now that Pippa and Acast are part of the same family, how do you get your show on the Acast platform? 

This part is easy, so follow these simple steps and you'll have listeners around the world tuning into your show on Acast! 

  1. Get the Acast app for your mobile device. This is going to make the whole process simple (and you'll be able to show anybody who asks right where your show is).
  2. If you want to be sure your show isn't on Acast already, hit that search button and search the name of your show. Not there yet? No worries, we're about to take care of that!
  3. Grab your RSS feed (you know what that is, but in case you're not sure where to find it, check this article out)... you're about to need it. Remember, your RSS Feed starts with feed. 
  4. Paste (or type) that RSS feed straight into the Acast search bar. 

And voilà! Your RSS feed is now populated in Acast--but not just for you! Now anybody who goes into Acast and searches for your show by title (don't worry...nobody needs your RSS feed for this part) will be able to find it. Go ahead! Ask your neighbor. Or the person next to you on the subway. Or just ping us here on chat...we're really just as excited as you are! 

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