First off, what is Google Podcasts?

Google Podcasts is a brand new player built into Android devices, no download necessary. It makes listening to podcasts a lot easier on Android (75% of the world's smartphone users). 

It is NOT a part of Google Play Music. Unlike Google Play Music, which is limited to the US and Canada, Google Podcasts is available worldwide. That's why we recommend that you share Google Podcasts links rather than Google Play links to reach a wider audience. 

Great, so how do I share my show on Google Podcasts?

It's already there! All podcasts hosted with Pippa can be found through Google search, so your podcast is all set for listening. 😎 

Pippa has integrated Google keywords and searching for all of our podcasts since day one.

One thing you should do is add a Google Podcasts badge to your Pippa podcast website. 

1. Get the Google Podcasts URL for your show.  Just enter your Pippa RSS feed on this page, and Google will give you a direct link. Copy it.

 Note: you should use the exact same RSS feed that you use on iTunes. Otherwise you may get an error saying "this feed hasn't been indexed."

2. On Pippa, go to your show, and click the Website button on the left. 

3. Paste the Google-generated URL for your show next to the space that says Google Podcasts.

4. Save, and you're done! 

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