Pippa offers a Team Management tool for networks or teams. This lets you have a single central account for a comprehensive overview of all your shows. But it also allows you to create personal logins for the people you work with—colleagues, producers, editors, hosts, and advertisers—providing custom access and visibility to specific shows.

As the manager/owner of a network, you can easily adjust visibility and access to your shows with Pippa.

  1. To get started, go to your account on Pippa (top right) and choose Manage Team. 

2. Then choose the show you'd like to add a user for.

3. Add the user's email address, and assign the permissions you want the user to have. You can grant the user permission to:

  • View the show
  • Read and write
  • View Analytics

4. The user will receive an email at the address you specified with a link to setup an account on Pippa.


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