What is a private feed?

A private feed is a feature available to Pro users. It allows podcasters to give only select listeners access to their show.

How does it work?

A private feed works by creating a "key," a password that listeners must enter to access the show.

Why would I use a private feed?

Private feeds allow podcasters to monetize their content by charging listeners a fee to access their podcast.

How do I create a private feed?

If you are a Pro user with an existing podcast, choose "Edit," at the bottom of your podcast's show page. Choose "This Podcast is Private," near the bottom of the edit page, and then "Save," to implement the change.  
If you are a Pro creating a new show,
simply toggle the button on the new show form to select "This Podcast is Private," before saving.  

What does "generate new token" mean?

Podcasters only choose to generate a new token when their previous one has been compromised, and people who have not paid are gaining access to their show. Generating a new token prevents all subscribers who previously had access to your content from accessing your show. 

This option is only available in the edit page of shows with private feeds.

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