This is what a typical snip looks like!

1. Go to the episode page that you want to create a transcript for and click the "Snipper" button.

2. Request a transcript.

Click "Confirm" and wait for your confirmation email when your transcript is finished processing. This may take 1 to 3 times the length of your episode so feel free to navigate away from the page while you wait!

3. When your confirmation email arrives, click the link in the email. It will take you to the episode transcript.

4. Edit your transcript.

Click the "Edit Transcript" button in the top right corner. Then go through the transcript and make any necessary changes. Once you're done making your edits, click "Save". You can also download your transcript as a text file by clicking "Download". 

5. Highlight the text that you want to feature in your snip.

Make sure your selection is 5 to 20 seconds long! When you're done, click "Continue". 

6. Share your Snippet with the world!

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