Pippa is partnering with Spotify to bring your podcasts to their listeners, and Pippa has integrated directly with Spotify's new API  to make submission and approval as swift as possible.

How do I submit my podcast to Spotify?

  • If your podcast is already available on Spotify, do NOT resubmit it.
  • Even if you had filled out the form we sent before, please do continue with these instructions for submission.

For podcasters on Pippa's Influencer or Pro plans, go to your show and you'll see an Integrations tab.

Click the Spotify button, and accept the terms to submit your show. Done!

How long will it take to be processed?

Because of this main-line access we've set up with Spotify's API, your show will be processed by Spotify within 24-48 hours 🚀

Need to upgrade? Learn more about the plans Pippa offers for Spotify—as well as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Alexa!

PS: Pippa has now added Spotify analytics right there in the Pippa dashboard 😀so you can view your Spotify stats alongside your traditional podcast stats too.

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