Pippa lets you publish your podcast directly onto Deezer.

  • For Brazilian/portugese-spoken podcasts, please fill this form
  • For rest of the world podcasts, please complete this form

Please note: these forms are to register your interest only and does not mean that your content will be made available on Deezer.

Deezer will check your RSS Feed every day to catch all the metadata and audio files. No actions will be required from you once submitted and approved. However, if your RSS feed url has changed, you will need to notify them directly.

Distribution is free and you will be sent an audience reports every Monday. 

When will my content be available?

Due to the increasing amount of submissions, Deezer may not get back to you individually. If accepted, your content will be added within 2 weeks and you'll be able to search it on Deezer. If you have any questions, you can visit Support website.

FAQ on support.deezer.com/hc/articles/115000959949-Talk-

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